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    LG Smart TV: How to Factory Reset Back to Default Settings as if Brand New Out of the Box

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    LG Smart TV: How to Factory Reset Back to Default Settings as if Brand New Out of the Box

    If you are encountering problems with your LG Smart TV and wish to reset it back to its original settings or you are preparing to sell the TV, performing a factory reset is the solution. Follow these steps to reset your LG Smart TV to its initial settings:

    1. Using the remote control, press the Settings button, represented by a gear icon.
    2. Scroll down to find "All Settings" or "Advanced Settings," depending on your TV model.
    3. Look for the option "Reset to Initial Settings" or similar, typically located under the "General" tab.
    4. Confirm the reset, understanding that all account settings and installed apps will be deleted and cannot be undone.

    By following these steps, your LG Smart TV will undergo a factory reset, erasing all personalized settings and reverting to its original state as if you just unboxed it.


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    1. Can I undo the factory reset on my LG Smart TV? No, once you confirm the reset, all account settings and installed apps will be permanently deleted, and the action cannot be reversed.

    2. Will I need to re-enter my Wi-Fi password and app credentials after the factory reset? Yes, you will need to re-enter your Wi-Fi password and log back into all apps like Netflix and Amazon Video after the factory reset.

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