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    Laughing at Ai Generated Stories

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    Laughing at AI Generated Stories

    In a recent video, popular YouTuber Markiplier decided to experiment with an AI text generation tool, now known as InferKit. The tool, previously called Talk to Transformer, uses powerful algorithms to generate random words and create unique stories. Markiplier had previously played around with the AI on his podcast, Unus Annus, and decided to give it another try.

    Markiplier started by providing a short introduction explaining his past experiences with AI text generation. He stated that the goal of this session was simply to see what the tool could do and have some fun with it. He also mentioned a few settings that he adjusted for the purpose of the experiment, such as the length generator, sampling temperature, and creativity value.

    As Markiplier began inputting different prompts into InferKit, the generated results quickly veered off into unexpected and humorous directions. The AI's responses ranged from nonsensical and random sentences to somewhat spooky and inappropriate content. Markiplier acknowledged the unpredictable nature of AI and referenced past incidents where AI algorithms generated racist and offensive content on social media platforms.

    Despite some of the bizarre and sometimes offensive outputs, Markiplier continued to input different prompts and experiment with the tool. He tried various genres such as fiction, jokes, and news stories. Some of the results included fictional narratives about dark caves, knock-knock jokes with unexpected twists, and news headlines about strange occurrences like a semi-trailer dumping hot dog filler on a highway.

    Markiplier also tried inputting specific prompts from websites like "101 funny clean jokes," which resulted in the AI occasionally generating strange and unrelated tangents. He even attempted to create an anime plot, which turned into a hilariously over-exaggerated story featuring characters with enormous body parts and absurd scenarios.

    Throughout the video, Markiplier frequently laughed and commented on the unexpected and nonsensical outputs of the AI. He highlighted the tool's limited ability to create coherent or genuinely funny content but still found joy in the absurdity of the generated stories.


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    Q: What is InferKit?
    A: InferKit is an AI text generation tool previously known as Talk to Transformer. It utilizes algorithms to generate random words and create unique stories.

    Q: How did Markiplier use InferKit?
    A: Markiplier provided various prompts to InferKit, testing its abilities to generate fiction, jokes, and news stories. He experimented with different genres and observed the often unpredictable and humorous outputs.

    Q: Were all the generated outputs appropriate?
    A: No, there were instances where the AI generated offensive or inappropriate content. Markiplier acknowledged the potential for AI algorithms to produce undesirable results, citing past incidents of AI-generated racism on social media platforms.

    Q: Did Markiplier find the AI-generated stories entertaining?
    A: Despite the occasional strangeness and lack of coherence, Markiplier found joy in the absurdity of the AI's outputs and laughed throughout the experiment. He appreciated the unintentional humor that emerged from the generated stories.

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