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    Leonardo AI New Feature : Image to Motion | Create Animated Videos

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    Leonardo AI New Feature : Image to Motion | Create Animated Videos

    Leonardo AI has introduced a new feature called "Image to Motion" that allows users to create animated videos from still images. This cutting-edge feature revolutionizes the process of image generation by adding movement to static pictures, bringing them to life. Users can easily generate images, animate them using the image to motion system, and create dynamic videos with just a few clicks. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to utilize this new feature on the Leonardo AI platform, from image generation to animation, showcasing the advanced capabilities of this powerful AI tool.


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    1. How can I access the Image to Motion feature on Leonardo AI platform?
    2. What is the Motion Strength setting in the Image to Motion feature?
    3. How many tokens are deducted for generating animated videos using the Image to Motion feature?
    4. Can users animate images generated by others on the Leonardo website?
    5. What is the benefit of using the Image to Motion feature for creating animated videos?

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