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    Let's Steal Color Grading! - Quick Color Grading Tips #shorts #edit #ai #viral #fyp

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    Let's Steal Color Grading! - Quick Color Grading Tips #shorts #edit #ai #viral #fyp

    Want to give your video the stunning color grading seen in Netflix TV series? Let's explore how you can achieve this using Filmora 12. To start, import both clips into the timeline. Once added, select the layer and go to the color tab. Enable the color match option and click on comparison view. Identify the specific frame you want to copy the color grading from, then click on the match button followed by OK. You've now successfully applied color grading to your video. Feel free to make further adjustments to the color values according to your preferences. This method offers a simple yet effective way to achieve professional color grading. If you found this tutorial helpful, don't forget to like and subscribe.


    Color grading, Netflix, Filmora 12, tutorial, professional, editing, color values


    1. How can I achieve stunning color grading like Netflix TV series with Filmora 12?
    2. What are the steps to copy color grading from one frame to another in Filmora 12?
    3. Is it easy to fine-tune color values after applying color grading in Filmora 12?
    4. Where can I find more tutorials on professional color grading techniques for videos?

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