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    Life hacks जो Students के बहुत ज्यादा काम आएगा #short #viral #youtubeshorts

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    Life hacks जो Students के बहुत ज्यादा काम आएगा #short #viral #youtubeshorts

    On three such amazing labs which will be played during the students' study time, there will be a lot of fun and after watching the last one, you guys will also go to sleep, so don't forget to watch it, but before watching it, if you guys go to school or college. If you want to write with a pen then like the video or if you guys want to write with a pencil then comment.

    In this trick, first of all you guys have to take any old hair and cut it like this and then you have to stick the upper part to the lower part with the help of glue, then you guys can keep your pen in the release. Then, take the gap of many bottles, make them all one by one, stick them, put your color in it, and you can do drawing. Life is short for everyone, so cut the softener, apply glue on the pension, stick it, and your desi katar band will be ready.


    • Students
    • Life hacks
    • Study
    • Pen
    • Pencil
    • Tricks
    • Drawing
    • Shortener
    • DIY
    • Creativity


    1. What is the main focus of the article? The article focuses on providing creative life hacks for students that can be useful during study time.

    2. How can students engage with the content according to the article script? Students are encouraged to watch the videos demonstrating the life hacks and choose whether to use a pen or pencil based on their preference.

    3. What are some examples of the life hacks mentioned in the article script? Examples include using old hair for pen holders, creating a pen stand from glued bottles, and making a desi katar band using a softener and glue.

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