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    MIDJOURNEY CAN'T DO THIS! AI Tshirt Designs with TEXT! Full Tutorial -Ideogram for Print on Demand

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    MIDJOURNEY CAN'T DO THIS! AI Tshirt Designs with TEXT! Full Tutorial - Ideogram for Print on Demand

    In a recent video, I discussed my initial skepticism towards AI's ability to generate quality text designs. However, my perspective quickly changed when I discovered the AI app called Ideogram, which excels at creating impressive text designs. In this tutorial, I will introduce you to Ideogram and demonstrate how you can use it for print-on-demand purposes.

    Introduction to Ideogram is an online text-to-image AI program that offers a variety of features and templates for creating visually appealing designs. Unlike other AI platforms like Midjourney and Leonardo, Ideogram effectively generates readable and aesthetically pleasing text designs. It provides a wide range of fonts and styles, making it an ideal tool for designing text-oriented graphics.

    Using Ideogram for Print on Demand

    To begin using Ideogram for print-on-demand designs, visit their website and explore the different sections, including recent, trending, following, and top designs. You can also choose from various sizes, such as square or tall rectangle, depending on your design preferences.

    One of the key features of Ideogram is its typography function, which allows you to create intricate and eye-catching text designs. By simply typing in your desired text and selecting the font style, Ideogram will generate a visually appealing design for you. The results are often impressive, surpassing the capabilities of other AI platforms.

    Unlocking the Potential of Ideogram

    Ideogram offers a plethora of creative possibilities for your designs. For instance, you can explore the remix option, which allows you to create designs similar to trending or popular ones. By clicking the "remix" button, Ideogram uses the same prompt but generates a unique and personalized design for you. This feature can be particularly useful for creating inspired and original designs.

    Furthermore, you can utilize Ideogram for more than just text designs. It allows you to incorporate artwork and illustrations into your designs, enabling you to create visually dynamic and engaging graphics. By exploring the various prompts and templates provided, you can unlock the full potential of Ideogram for your print-on-demand business.

    Exploring Commercial Use and Rights

    When using any AI platform for commercial purposes, it's essential to consider the terms of service and rights associated with your designs. While Ideogram allows you to use the generated designs for commercial use, it is crucial to ensure that you have the necessary permissions from third parties involved in the design process. Make sure to review Ideogram's terms of service for updates regarding commercial usage guidelines.

    Upscaling and Removing Backgrounds

    Once you have generated a design using Ideogram, you can further enhance its quality by utilizing other AI tools. One such tool is Vectorizer AI, which allows you to upscale your design and convert it into a vector file. By using Vectorizer AI, you can adjust the size and resolution of your design to suit your print-on-demand needs.

    Additionally, to remove the background of your design, you can use graphic design software like Figma. By importing the SVG file generated by Ideogram into Figma, you can easily remove any unwanted colors or backgrounds, leaving you with a transparent PNG image for seamless integration into your print-on-demand products.


    Ideogram is a powerful AI app that offers remarkable text-to-image capabilities for print-on-demand designs. With a wide range of fonts, styles, and templates, Ideogram opens up endless possibilities for creating visually appealing and marketable designs. Whether you're looking for typography-based designs or incorporating artwork, Ideogram is a tool worth exploring.


    • Ideogram
    • AI text-to-image program
    • Print on demand
    • Typography designs
    • Remix feature
    • Commercial use rights
    • Upscaling with Vectorizer AI
    • Removing backgrounds with Figma


    1. Can Ideogram generate readable and visually appealing text designs?
      • Yes, Ideogram surpasses other AI platforms in terms of generating readable and aesthetically pleasing text designs.
    2. Can I incorporate artwork and illustrations into my designs using Ideogram?
      • Yes, Ideogram offers the option to create designs beyond just text. You can combine artwork and typography for visually dynamic graphics.
    3. Are there any limitations on using Ideogram designs for commercial purposes?
      • Ideogram allows commercial use; however, it's essential to consider third-party permissions and review the platform's terms of service for any updates.
    4. Can I enhance the quality of Ideogram designs using other AI tools?
      • Yes, you can upscale the design using Vectorizer AI and remove backgrounds using graphic design software like Figma.

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