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    Magisto Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Video Editor

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    Magisto Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Video Editor

    When it comes to video editing, Magisto's high-powered capabilities position it as a leading solution for powerful storytelling. Magisto utilizes advanced technology to enhance the video editing process, and here are the four key steps that outline its approach.

    Visual Analysis

    Magisto begins by conducting visual analysis on each frame of the media. This involves detecting important objects, recognizing the surrounding environment, tracking motions, separating foreground and background objects, analyzing speech attributes, and more. The platform's cloud-based system allows for simultaneous analysis of all media.


    In the storytelling phase, Magisto identifies the main character in the images and clips, reorders them by context, omits irrelevant footage, and selects important audio portions to create a compelling narrative. The platform also utilizes comprehension methods to enhance the storytelling process.


    During post-production, Magisto's technology engages in smart color correction, inserts graphic elements based on content analysis, applies background effects to highlight key objects, and implements other enhancements to elevate the overall quality of the video.

    Learning Engine

    Magisto's powerful learning engine continuously improves through user feedback and interaction. With over 200,000 sessions per day, the AI technology learns and adapts to user preferences, ensuring a personalized and engaging video editing experience.

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    # FAQ

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    3. How does Magisto's learning engine improve the user experience?
    4. Can Magisto handle multiple media files simultaneously for analysis?
    5. What are the main features of Magisto's storytelling techniques?

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