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    Make $100,000 with AI generated shorts! (New strategy)

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    Title: Make $ 100,000 with AI generated shorts! (New strategy)

    Could you imagine making money without doing any work? AI is bringing this reality closer than ever. This article reveals how you can make $ 100,000 by only uploading AI generated shorts. From creating instant shorts from YouTube videos to a viral strategy to grow faster on social media and setting up a newsletter to earn from emails, here's a comprehensive guide.

    The first tool discussed is Opus Pro, an AI tool that can take long YouTube videos and cut them into short clips with captions and auto framing. By leveraging this tool, users can quickly create a plethora of shorts to grow their social media pages. Additionally, the article introduces a strategy to monetize these shorts by setting up a newsletter with Beehive, enabling users to earn $ 2 to $ 4 for each email brought in through their shorts.

    The secret strategy involves creating multiple social media accounts, choosing high payout Niche such as e-commerce, and utilizing AI-generated shorts from YouTube videos to build a substantial following. By combining this approach with Beehive's Boost program, individuals can refer people to newsletters and potentially make $ 100,000 in a short time. The article also emphasizes the importance of offering free digital products to attract subscribers to the newsletter.


    AI-generated shorts, Opus Pro, social media growth, newsletter monetization, Beehive, viral strategy, passive income, digital products, Boost program, free products, Discord server


    1. How can AI tools like Opus Pro assist in creating shorts for social media growth?
    2. What is the Beehive platform and how can it help in monetizing newsletters?
    3. What is the secret strategy to making $ 100,000 with AI-generated shorts?
    4. How important is it to offer free digital products to attract subscribers to newsletters?
    5. How can individuals benefit from joining the Discord server mentioned in the article for additional guidance on earning money online?

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