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    Make $17,913 in 30 Days With #1 VIRAL Niche (TikTok Creativity Program Beta)

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    Make $ 17,913 in 30 Days With #1 VIRAL Niche (TikTok Creativity Program Beta)

    Are you curious about how to make large sums of money with TikTok's creativity program? Are you interested in learning the tricks that only the top 1% of creators use to guarantee viral success? Look no further, because in this article, we will show you exactly how to create viral videos and replicate these incredible results. Additionally, we will reveal a brand new untapped niche that has the potential to skyrocket your earnings. However, keep in mind that these niches may become oversaturated in the near future, so taking immediate action is crucial.

    Creating a Catchy TikTok Account

    First things first, it's important to create a catchy name for your TikTok account. Instead of spending excessive time brainstorming, you can simply visit and enter keywords related to your account. Within seconds, the website will generate hundreds of names for you to choose from.

    Next, you'll need an eye-catching profile picture. You can easily create one in a couple of seconds using Leonardo AI. Simply visit the image generation feature and play around with different prompts. Cute animals, such as dogs, are great options. Avoid creating images of humans, as they might not resonate well with the TikTok audience.

    Key Elements of a Viral Video

    Now, let's discuss the key elements of a viral TikTok video. These elements are crucial, as even a minor mistake in any of them can cause your videos to flop.

    The first step is to find unbelievable facts that most people have never heard before. These facts should capture people's attention and keep it. To find such facts, you can search for "facts that" on TikTok and see the autofill recommendations. This will give you insights into what facts are currently going viral.

    To find even more unique facts, you can use artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT and Google. ChatGPT can generate rare and mind-blowing facts that could save lives by using specific prompts. Additionally, you can search for blog posts and threads on Reddit that contain lists of random facts. Look for facts that have generated significant engagement in terms of replies and comments.

    After compiling a list of intriguing facts, it's time to choose a hook for your video. This hook should be the most unique and intriguing fact that you have. Its purpose is to grab the viewer's attention and make them stop scrolling. Additionally, it's important to include the sentence, "Facts that could save your life. Everyone needs to know the last one." This will encourage viewers to watch your video until the end, improving their engagement and boosting the video's algorithmic promotion.

    To create a captivating voiceover, you can use AI voiceover services like 11 Labs. Copy your list of facts and generate a voiceover using one of their voice options, such as "Adam" which is known for its expressive and emotional tone. The voiceover should be around 45 to 50 seconds long.

    Selecting Background Footage and Editing

    Now that you have your voiceover, it's time to find the right background footage. Search for VFX videos on TikTok that grab your attention and are somewhat relevant to your hook. Additionally, you can search for CGI videos to find even more intriguing clips. Download these videos using a tool like SaveTik or Ssbe.

    Once you have your voiceover and background footage, it's time to edit your video using a platform like CapCut. Upload your voiceover and split it into segments, keeping the most attention-grabbing part at the beginning. Add engaging clips from your background footage, ensuring that each clip is two seconds long to maintain viewer engagement. It's important to make your video around a minute and 20 seconds long.

    Furthermore, you can enhance the visual appeal of your video by using image generation tools like RunwayML. Transform your static images into captivating videos that will further captivate your audience. Add these videos to your TikTok video at relevant points, ensuring a seamless transition.

    Viral Tricks to Boost Engagement

    To ensure your video goes viral, you need to implement some viral tricks. These tricks have been proven to increase engagement and improve your chances of reaching a broad audience.

    Trick 1: Scroll Stopper Clip - One of the tricks is to add a scroll stopper clip before you reveal your intriguing facts. This clip should be attention-grabbing and make viewers stop scrolling. You can use a tool like 11 Labs to generate a clip that mocks the "Share" feature on TikTok. This tricks the TikTok algorithm into thinking your video is highly shareable and boosts its organic reach.

    Trick 2: Secret Emoji in Comments - Another trick is to encourage viewers to leave comments by hinting at a hidden emoji. For example, you can tell them to type the word "rage" in square brackets. Inform them that a secret emoji will unlock if they do so. This entices viewers to engage with your video, signaling to TikTok that it is popular and deserving of further promotion.

    Trick 3: Follow and Like - Lastly, instruct viewers to follow your account and like the video for "unlimited good luck." This serves as a call-to-action to gain more followers and likes, which gives your video a significant boost in the algorithmic rankings.

    By implementing these viral tricks, your video has a higher chance of going viral and reaching a wide audience.

    The Lucrative "Fact or Fiction" Niche

    In addition to following the TikTok creativity program, there is an untapped niche that can further enhance your earnings. This niche combines the interest of fascinating facts with a trivia format. You can create a game show-style video series called "Fact or Fiction." In each video, present the audience with a series of interesting facts, including some that are made up. Challenge viewers to determine whether each fact is true or false. This format generates high viewer engagement, as viewers are keen to test their knowledge and share their scores in the comments. This unique blend of education and entertainment sets your videos apart and increases your chances of going viral.


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    Q: How can I come up with a catchy name for my TikTok account?
    A: You can use online tools like to generate hundreds of catchy names based on your account keywords.

    Q: How do I find interesting and unique facts for my TikTok videos?
    A: You can search for "facts that" on TikTok and analyze the autofill suggestions. Additionally, platforms like ChatGPT and Google can provide rare and intriguing facts. Exploring blog posts and Reddit threads can also offer valuable insights.

    Q: What are the essential elements of a viral TikTok video?
    A: Viral TikTok videos should include attention-grabbing facts, a captivating hook, engaging background footage, and a unique voiceover. It's important to maintain viewer engagement by keeping the video duration under two minutes and incorporating viral tricks to increase engagement.

    Q: How can I boost engagement and make my video go viral?
    A: Implement viral tricks such as using scroll stopper clips, encouraging comments with secret emojis, and asking viewers to follow and like your video. These tricks signal TikTok's algorithm that your video is popular and deserving of further promotion.

    Q: What is the "Fact or Fiction" niche?
    A: The "Fact or Fiction" niche combines fascinating facts with a trivia game format. Viewers are challenged to determine the validity of these facts, creating engaging content with high viewer participation.

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