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    Make $300+ PER DAY using AI to create Motivational Videos

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    Make $ 300+ PER DAY using AI to create Motivational Videos

    Motivational channels on platforms like YouTube have been gaining millions of views and earning substantial income, all without the need to show their faces or speak on camera. By utilizing AI tools such as InVideo, you too can create compelling motivational videos and achieve similar results. Follow these five easy steps to get started and start earning a passive income.

    Step 1: Market Research

    Begin by conducting market research to find successful videos and channels in the motivational niche. You can use the YouTube search bar and filters to sort videos based on view count. Look for channels with high view counts and consistent uploads to gauge profitability.

    Step 2: Extract the Audio

    To create your own motivational video, you'll need captivating speeches. Find relevant speeches on YouTube and extract the audio using a YouTube to MP3 conversion website. Once downloaded, separate the vocals from the music using a vocal remover tool. This step allows you to add your own creative elements to copyrighted content while adhering to fair use guidelines.

    Step 3: Create the Video in InVideo

    Signup for an account on InVideo and access their user-friendly video editor. Import your audio and adjust the volume levels to ensure the speech is clear and the music complements it. Next, search for royalty-free video clips and images that match the mood and emotions of the speech. Trim the clips to suitable durations and stylize them by adding animations or adjusting colors.

    Step 4: Add Text and Customize

    Enhance your video with text overlays. Use text to introduce the video's topic, emphasize important moments, or include captions and subtitles. InVideo offers pre-animated text options that can be easily customized. Choose the font, size, color, and animation that best fits your video's style and message.

    Step 5: Preview and Export

    Preview your video to ensure it flows smoothly and captures the audience's attention. Once satisfied, export your video in 180p for optimal results. Remember to resize your video for different aspect ratios such as vertical for Instagram or TikTok. Download and upload your videos, creating catchy titles and eye-catching thumbnails to attract viewers to your channel.

    With these steps, you can create engaging motivational videos utilizing AI tools and start generating income.

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    Q: Do I need to show my face or use my own voice in these videos?
    A: No, motivational channels have achieved success without showing their faces or using their own voices. Utilizing AI tools like InVideo allows you to create impactful videos using extracted audio from speeches.

    Q: Is it legal to use copyrighted content in my videos?
    A: Adding your own creative elements, such as visuals and text overlays, to copyrighted content often falls under fair use guidelines. However, if you encounter a copyright claim, you can dispute it on a case-by-case basis.

    Q: Can I monetize my motivational videos on platforms like YouTube?
    A: Yes, many motivational channels continue to monetize their videos without issues by adding their own creative work on top of copyrighted content. AdSense revenue and consistent viewership can generate income for your channel.

    Q: Do I need prior video editing experience to create these videos?
    A: Not necessarily. AI tools like InVideo provide user-friendly interfaces that simplify the video editing process. With its intuitive features and a wealth of resources, you can create professional-looking videos without extensive editing knowledge.

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