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    Make A Movie with AI: It's Crazy What We Can Do!

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    Make A Movie with AI: It's Crazy What We Can Do!

    In this video, the creator attempts to make a short film entirely using AI tools. The goal is not only to showcase how AI can be used to create a film, but also to demonstrate the power of combining various AI tools to create something unique and creative. The process involves using AI to generate the script, video, voiceover, and background music. The video editing is done manually using DaVinci Resolve, while all other aspects are handled by AI tools.

    To start, the creator uses GPT-4 to generate a script for the narrator to read and a shot list for the film. The script is generated by providing a prompt asking for a documentary-style narrative without any dialogue. The shot list offers a general description of each shot in the film. However, the creator decides to use Runway Gen-2 to generate the actual video clips based on the detailed prompt from the shot list. In some cases, Mid-Journey is used to generate still images that better match the vision of certain scenes.

    Additionally, the creator utilizes tools like Leia Pics and Kyber to add more depth and animation to some of the still images. For the voiceover, the creator uses 11 Labs to generate a deep male voice that suits the sci-fi theme of the film. Background music is added using Mubert, which allows for the generation of audio tracks for free with attribution.

    After generating all the necessary assets, the creator brings everything together using DaVinci Resolve for video editing. The audio, including the narration and background music, is aligned with the video clips according to the shot list. The final video is a one-minute sci-fi film created entirely using AI tools.


    Short film, AI tools, GPT-4, documentary-style, script generation, shot list, Runway Gen-2, visual generation, Mid-Journey, Leia Pics, Kyber, audio generation, 11 Labs, Mubert, video editing, DaVinci Resolve, sci-fi film.


    Q: Can AI tools be used to create an entire short film?
    A: Yes, AI tools can be utilized to generate the script, video clips, voiceover, and background music for a short film.

    Q: Which AI tools were used to create the film in the video?
    A: The creator used GPT-4 to generate the script and shot list. Runway Gen-2 was used to generate the video clips, while Mid-Journey was used to generate some still images. Leia Pics and Kyber were used to add depth and animation to the images. For voiceover, 11 Labs was used, and Mubert was used for background music. DaVinci Resolve was the chosen video editing software.

    Q: How long did it take to create the short film using AI tools?
    A: The process of generating the assets and editing the film using AI tools took several hours, as it involved testing different prompts and tools to achieve the desired results.

    Q: Can the same process be used to create longer films?
    A: Yes, the process can be applied to create longer films, although it would require more time and effort to generate the necessary assets using AI tools. The length of a film can range from minutes to hours, depending on the desired outcome.

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