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    Make A Viral MOVIE Trailer with AI

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    Make A Viral MOVIE Trailer with AI

    Are you a fan of movie trailers? Have you ever wondered if you could create your own amazing movie trailer using AI technology? Well, you're in luck! In this article, we will take you through the step-by-step process of how to make a viral movie trailer using AI.

    Step 1: Creating the Outline with Chat GPT

    To start off, we need to create an outline for our movie trailer. We can use Chat GPT, an AI language model, to generate the outline for us. By providing it with a prompt, such as the number of scenes, the main character (Leonardo DiCaprio), and the plot involving an AI takeover of the world, Chat GPT will generate a script for the trailer.

    The generated outline includes a panoramic view of a futuristic city, a close-up of Leonardo DiCaprio, scenes of chaos and action, a climactic battle, and a resolution. This comprehensive outline will serve as a blueprint for our trailer.

    Step 2: Generating Images and Animating with Mid-Journey and Runway

    Now that we have our outline, it's time to turn it into visuals. We will use two AI-powered tools, Mid-Journey and Runway, to generate still images and animate them.

    With Mid-Journey, we can input the prompts from the outline and let it generate images of a futuristic city, Leonardo DiCaprio, and other scenes. We can also add a touch of realism by using the "Style Raw" option.

    Once we have the still images, we can move on to Runway's Gen 2 animation feature. By animating certain elements in each image, such as moving clouds and water, we can bring our scenes to life. We can also add camera motion to create a dynamic effect.

    After animating all the scenes, we will have a collection of visually stunning clips ready for the next step.

    Step 3: Adding Narration, Music, and Sound Effects with 11 Labs, Mubert, and Bark

    To enhance the trailer, we need to add narration, background music, and sound effects. For the narration, we can use 11 Labs, an AI voice generator, to create a deep, authoritative voice that captures the tension and drama of the trailer. We can input the script provided by Chat GPT and generate narrations for each scene.

    Next, we move on to the music. Although MusicF AI could be used, we find that Mubert, an AI-generated music platform, offers more flexibility. We can select a genre and mood, such as "epic" or "heroic," and generate a track that fits the tone of our trailer perfectly. With a few tweaks, we can create a background soundtrack that adds the right emotional impact to each scene.

    To complete the immersive experience, we can add sound effects using Bark, a sound generator. We can add effects like TV static or other relevant sounds to heighten the trailer's impact.

    Step 4: Final Editing with DaVinci Resolve

    With all the elements in place, we can now bring everything together in a video editing software like DaVinci Resolve. We will import our generated clips, narration, music, and sound effects into the editing software and arrange them according to our storyboard.

    In the editing process, we can fine-tune the timing of each clip, adjust volumes, add transitions, and make any necessary changes to create a seamless and captivating trailer.


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    Q: Can any AI model generate movie trailers? A: While many AI models have the capability to generate scripts or images, not all are specifically designed for movie trailer creation. Models like Chat GPT and DALL·E can be used to create outlines and visuals, while tools like Runway allow for animation and video generation.

    Q: Can I use any voice for the narration? A: Yes, with AI voice generators like 11 Labs, you can choose the tone and style of the narration voice. It's important to select a voice that matches the genre and mood of your trailer.

    Q: Are there any copyright issues when using AI-generated music or images? A: It's essential to be aware of copyright laws when using AI-generated content. While some platforms offer royalty-free options, it's always best to double-check the licensing terms and conditions to ensure legal use.

    Q: How long does it take to create a viral movie trailer using AI? A: The time required depends on various factors, including the complexity of the trailer, the number of scenes, and the level of editing. While AI streamlines the process, it still requires creativity and manual adjustments to achieve the desired result. The time taken can range from a few hours to several days.

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