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    Make Amazing YouTube Thumbnails... In Under 3 Minutes!

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    Make Amazing YouTube Thumbnails... In Under 3 Minutes!

    So you're ready to hit publish on a video but you forgot to do a thumbnail. Well, that's okay because in this video, I'm going to show you how to make an awesome thumbnail in under three minutes, all just using some basic stuff and my smartphone. You've got this!

    To start, make sure you have a clean backdrop, a good light source, and a smartphone tripod. Follow these steps:

    1. Set up a clean backdrop, like a plain wall.
    2. Use a good light source, such as a ring light or a panel light.
    3. Secure your smartphone on a tripod.

    Next, follow these quick and easy steps:

    1. Download a background image, such as a gradient, from Google.
    2. Create your thumbnail on Instagram by adding yourself to the background.
    3. Use the selection tool on iPhones to remove yourself from the background.
    4. Add a transparent logo from YouTube.
    5. Customize the thumbnail with text, like "YouTube tips."
    6. Save the thumbnail and upload it to your YouTube video.

    Follow these steps, and you'll have a professional-looking thumbnail in under three minutes. Don't forget to check out our free YouTube Master Class for more tips on building your YouTube channel.


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    1. Can I make a YouTube thumbnail using just my smartphone? Yes, you can create fantastic YouTube thumbnails using just your smartphone, a clean backdrop, good lighting, and an app like Instagram.

    2. How long does it take to make a thumbnail? With the right setup and tools, you can create a professional-looking YouTube thumbnail in under three minutes, as shown in the tutorial.

    3. Do I need special equipment to make a YouTube thumbnail? While having a smartphone tripod and good lighting can enhance the quality of your thumbnail, you can still create one using just your smartphone and a clean backdrop.

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