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    Make An Instagram Reel With JUST STILL PHOTOS! Instagram Reel Hack!

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    Make An Instagram Reel With JUST STILL PHOTOS! Instagram Reel Hack!

    Today, I'm going to show you two ways to make a reel using just still pictures, all within the Instagram app. I'm Virginia Kerr, and I specialize in helping business owners leverage video to convert followers into customers.

    The first method involves using the screen record feature on your phone. Simply screen record as you zoom in and adjust a picture from your photo album, then upload this recording as a reel. The second method utilizes the green screen effect within the Instagram Reels feature to directly add still images to your reel. Both techniques enable you to create engaging reels with just pictures without the need for external editing apps.

    If you're interested in learning more about these Instagram reel hacks and other editing secrets, watch the full video for additional tips and tricks.


    Instagram Reel, Still Photos, Screen Record, Green Screen Effect, Video Editing, Instagram App.


    1. Can you create reels with just still photos on Instagram? Yes, you can make Instagram reels using only still photos by utilizing features like screen recording and the green screen effect.

    2. Do I need to use external editing apps to create reels with still photos? No, you can create reels with just pictures directly within the Instagram app without the need for external editing tools.

    3. How can I add voiceovers to my Instagram reel with still photos? By using the green screen effect in Instagram Reels, you can record a voiceover while adding still images to your reel for added engagement.

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