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    Make YouTube Shorts with just ONE prompt using this AI tool (Faceless YouTube Channel)

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    Make YouTube Shorts with just ONE prompt using this AI tool (Faceless YouTube Channel)

    Are you looking to create viral YouTube shorts, reels, or TikToks with ease? The Faceless YouTube Channel has over 650,000 subscribers and garners over 32 million views each month by simply uploading videos made with stock footage and an AI voiceover. Now, a free AI tool called InVideo AI allows you to effortlessly create similar engaging content by providing just one prompt. This article will guide you through the process of using this tool to generate captivating videos quickly and efficiently.

    To start, sign up for a free account on and choose the YouTube Shots workflow. Input a prompt describing the video you want to create, such as "A video on the craziest facts about cats – make it funny." Customize the narrator's gender, voiceover style, subtitles, and more. InVideo AI will then analyze your prompt and generate a script, choose appropriate footage, create a voiceover, add background music, and include subtitles, all within minutes. You can create up to four videos a week for free using this tool.

    After the initial video is generated, you have the option to make edits to enhance the content further. You can modify the script, change individual media clips, or provide new prompts to adjust the video to your liking. The tool offers a user-friendly interface that allows for easy customization and fine-tuning to create engaging and entertaining content that resonates with your audience.

    In summary, InVideo AI is a powerful tool that empowers content creators to produce high-quality videos efficiently and effectively. By leveraging this AI technology, you can streamline the video creation process and focus on delivering entertaining and engaging content to your viewers.


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    4. How frequently can I create videos using the free version of InVideo AI?
    5. Is there customer support available for troubleshooting issues while using the AI tool?

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