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    Make a GIF in Figma (in under 2 minutes)

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    Make a GIF in Figma (in under 2 minutes)

    To create a GIF in Figma, follow these steps:

    1. Head over to the community dashboard in Figma and click on plugins.
    2. Search for "Tiny Image Compressor" and press the blue install button.
    3. Create all the frames you want to use in your GIF.
    4. Select all the frames, make them exportable, and open the "Quick Action" tab by pressing Command + P.
    5. Type the name of the installed plugin and hit Enter.
    6. Adjust the quality to 100 and click "Create GIF."
    7. Customize the order and timing of frames and choose a transparent background if needed.
    8. Export the GIF by selecting the destination to save it.


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    1. Can I create a GIF in Figma quickly?
      Yes, by utilizing the Tiny Image Compressor plugin and following the steps mentioned in the article, you can create a GIF in Figma in under 2 minutes.

    2. Is it possible to adjust the quality and timing of frames in Figma for a GIF?
      Absolutely, Figma allows you to control the quality of frames and adjust the timing for each frame to customize your GIF according to your preferences.

    3. Can I export a GIF with a transparent background in Figma?
      Yes, Figma provides an option to export GIFs with a transparent background, enabling you to use the GIF seamlessly in various settings.

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