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    Make a HIT Song and Music Video with AI (for Free)

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    Make a HIT Song and Music Video with AI (for Free)

    Have you ever dreamed of creating your own song and music video but lack the musical talent or resources to do so? Well, with the power of AI, you can now make your dream come true for free! In this article, we will guide you through the process of using AI tools to generate a unique song and create a stunning music video to accompany it.

    Step 1: Generate the Song

    To start, we will use a tool called Suno, which offers a free plan allowing up to 25 generations per month. Follow these steps to generate your song using AI:

    1. Visit the Suno website at and click on the "Try the Beta on Discord" button to access their Discord channel.
    2. Make sure you have enabled direct messages for the Suno Discord channel in your privacy settings if you encounter any issues with messaging the Suno chirp bot.
    3. Private message the chirp bot to start a conversation.
    4. Type "/chirp" to initiate the song generation process.
    5. Describe the style of music you want the AI to create (e.g., Bluegrass).
    6. Select the option to have chat GPT generate the lyrics for you.
    7. Specify that you want the lyrics to be about how AI is fun, even if it may eventually take over the world.
    8. Submit the request and wait for the AI to generate the song.

    Once the AI has completed the generation, you will receive multiple song options. Listen to each one and choose your favorite version.

    Step 2: Create the Music Video

    Now that you have your song, it's time to bring it to life with a captivating music video. We will explore three different AI tools that specialize in creating videos synchronized to music: Kyber, Plasma Punk, and Dcoherence. The first usage of each tool is typically free, making it a perfect choice for trying out different video styles.


    1. Visit the Kyber website and sign up for a free trial (with a 7-day duration).
    2. Upload your generated song to Kyber.
    3. Choose the desired video style and set other parameters like aspect ratio and camera movement.
    4. Generate video previews and select your preferred style.
    5. Create the video and wait for the production process to finish.

    Plasma Punk:

    1. Visit the Plasma Punk website and upload your song in MP3 format.
    2. Select the desired portion of the song to generate a video for (e.g., the entire song).
    3. Choose an image generation model and video style that complements your music (e.g., photorealism or fantasy).
    4. Set the aspect ratio and configure other options if necessary.
    5. Generate the video and wait for the process to complete.


    1. Visit the Dcoherence website and sign up for a free trial.
    2. Create a new project and set the aspect ratio to 16:9.
    3. Import your generated song into the project.
    4. Describe the scenes you want the video to portray (e.g., a scenic farm operated by AI robots).
    5. Generate sample images and select the most suitable ones.
    6. Add effects and transitions to the video, synchronizing them to the audio if desired.
    7. Generate the video and wait for the rendering process to finish.

    Step 3: Combine the Videos

    After generating the videos using different AI tools, you can now combine them into one cohesive music video. Here's how you can do it using DaVinci Resolve (a free video editing software):

    1. Import all the video clips into DaVinci Resolve.
    2. Align the clips based on the audio waveform to ensure synchronization.
    3. Remove any duplicate or unwanted audio tracks.
    4. Arrange the clips on the timeline to create a seamless transition between different video styles.
    5. Apply creative editing techniques to enhance the visual appeal.
    6. Export the final music video in your preferred format.

    Congratulations! You have successfully created a HIT song and music video with the help of AI, and all for free.


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    1. Can I use AI-generated songs for commercial purposes?

      • The usage rights for AI-generated songs may vary depending on the platforms and licensing agreements. It's essential to review the terms and conditions before using the song commercially.
    2. Are there any limitations to the free plans of the AI tools mentioned?

      • The free plans typically offer limited features, durations, or usage quotas. It's advisable to review the specifics of each tool's free plan to determine if it fits your requirements.
    3. How accurate is AI in generating suitable lyrics for my song?

      • AI-generated lyrics may not always align perfectly with your creative vision. However, the AI is trained to generate lyrics based on the given style and prompts, which can often yield impressive results with minor adjustments.
    4. Can I customize the visuals and effects in the generated music videos?

      • Yes, many AI video generation tools provide options for selecting video styles, effects, and customizing various parameters to create a video that matches your artistic preferences.
    5. Are these AI tools beginner-friendly?

      • While some basic knowledge of using AI tools and video editing software may be helpful, most of these tools have user-friendly interfaces and provide tutorials or documentation to guide users through the process. Experimentation and creativity are encouraged!

    Remember, with AI-powered creativity and a little experimentation, you can bring your musical aspirations to life without breaking the bank. Start creating and enjoy the journey of artistic collaboration with AI.

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