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    Making TikTok Minecraft Hacks Go Viral

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    Making TikTok Minecraft Hacks Go Viral

    Today, we have discovered some Minecraft hacks and tricks with very few views on the internet. Our mission is to improve these hacks and make them more effective so that they can go viral. In this article, we will go through each hack and provide you with a step-by-step guide to upgrade and enhance them. By the end of this article, we will determine how many of these hacks have the potential to go viral. So, let's dive in!

    Upgrading the Repeating Drum Beat

    The first TikTok hack we found was a Minecraft repeating redstone circuit that creates a simple beat using note blocks. While it only had 22 views, we saw the potential to make it more exciting and appealing. By utilizing a few additional materials and modifying the design, we can transform this basic circuit into an awesome repeating drum beat.

    To upgrade the hack, you will need 27 cobblestone, 2 glass blocks, 2 sand blocks, some note blocks, 17 redstone repeaters, and an oak button.

    Follow these steps to create the upgraded repeating drum beat:

    1. Build a platform that is 12 blocks wide and 6 blocks deep.
    2. Place a redstone torch on one end of the platform to activate the circuit.
    3. Replace one cobblestone block with sand to produce a snare drum sound.
    4. Add two repeaters, one on full delay and the other on 1 tick delay.
    5. Place a note block on top of the cobblestone for the bass drum sound.
    6. Add another repeater on full delay and connect it to a note block for another bass drum sound.
    7. Continue this pattern, adding repeaters and note blocks to create the desired drum beat.
    8. Use glass blocks to add visual interest to the design by placing them as borders for certain note blocks.
    9. Adjust the timing of the repeaters and note blocks to achieve a balanced and dynamic drum beat.

    Once you have completed these steps, you will have a much-improved and more engaging repeating drum beat in Minecraft.

    Upgrading the Farm Design

    The next TikTok hack focused on creating a farm using fences and some basic decorations. While it had a slightly higher view count of 15, the design was too simplistic and lacked visual appeal. To make this farm stand out and go viral, we need to enhance the design and add some additional elements.

    To upgrade the farm, you will need to follow these steps:

    1. Build a larger farm area, such as a 7x7 platform.
    2. Replace the basic fences with more aesthetically pleasing materials like spruce blocks and dark oak fences.
    3. Add cobblestone walls and slabs to create an attractive gate for the farm entrance.
    4. Incorporate trapdoors and dark oak fences to create an interesting pattern.
    5. Add dark oak fences and slabs to fill in the gaps between the walls.
    6. Use coarse dirt and path blocks to add texture and create a more natural-looking farm.
    7. Use honey blocks to prevent animals from escaping the farm while still allowing players to get in.
    8. Customize the gate by adding a lever and a bookshelf that can be pushed out of the way.
    9. Take advantage of the honey blocks' unique properties and bring animals into the farm by temporarily opening the gate.

    With these upgrades, your farm will become a visually appealing and functional Minecraft creation that will surely catch the attention of others.

    Upgrading the Floating Bed Design

    The third TikTok hack showcased a unique concept of sleeping under the blankets of a Minecraft bed. Although it only received 2 views, we believe this hack has the potential to go viral with a few upgrades. To enhance this design, we need to eliminate the awkwardness and improve the overall aesthetic appeal.

    To upgrade the floating bed design, follow these steps:

    1. Start with a regular bed without any additional blocks or clutter around it.
    2. Remove the blocks beneath the bed and replace one with a slab block for the floating effect.
    3. Add stair blocks to create a gap below the bed, giving the illusion of floating.
    4. Use a minecart placed beneath the bed to create the appearance of the mattress.
    5. Hide the minecart by using a sticky piston and a bookshelf that can be pushed in front of it.
    6. Activate the hidden mechanism with a lever, allowing the player to sleep under the blankets of the bed while the mechanism remains concealed.

    With these upgrades, you will have a floating bed design that not only provides a unique sleeping experience but also looks visually appealing and impressive.

    Upgrading the Cactus Farm

    The last TikTok hack showcased a simple cactus farm design. While it received the highest view count of 57, we believe there is still room for improvement. By adding a mechanism to automatically convert the cactus into bone meal, we can create a more efficient and productive farm.

    To upgrade the cactus farm, follow these steps:

    1. Extend the height of the cactus farm by adding additional blocks to accommodate the new mechanism.
    2. Use stone bricks and spruce planks to create a visually appealing platform around the cactus.
    3. Add oak fence blocks around the perimeter of the platform to contain the growing cacti.
    4. Place a composter below one of the cactus blocks and connect it to a double chest using hoppers.
    5. Let the cacti naturally fall into the water and flow towards the composters, which will then produce bone meal.
    6. Collect the bone meal in the double chest for easy access and storage.

    With these upgrades, your cactus farm will not only provide a steady supply of cacti but also generate bone meal, which can be used for dyeing or as fuel.


    Minecraft, TikTok, hacks, viral, upgrade, repeating drum beat, farm design, floating bed, cactus farm, bone meal.


    1. Can I use these upgrades on different Minecraft versions? Yes, these upgrades are compatible with both Bedrock and Java Edition of Minecraft.

    2. Do the upgraded designs require any special resources? The upgraded designs use basic Minecraft materials, so there are no special resources required.

    3. Are these upgraded designs functional in survival mode? Yes, these upgraded designs are fully functional in survival mode and can enhance your gameplay experience.

    4. Can I customize the upgraded designs further? Absolutely! Feel free to add your own personal touches and modifications to make the designs truly unique to your Minecraft world.

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