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    Making a ROBLOX game with its new AI

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    Making a ROBLOX Game with Its New AI

    Game development can be a daunting task, especially for beginners, with the need to learn scripting, modeling, graphics, and advertising. However, there are secret tools that can simplify the process. This article explores how to create games on ROBLOX using its new generative AI, eliminating the need to write code. By following the steps outlined below, you can make fully functional games without scripting or modeling.

    When starting game development, selecting the right game engine is crucial. While options like Unity and Unreal Engine are popular, they require significant skill and effort. For beginners, using ROBLOX studio can be more accessible as it utilizes Lua, a simpler coding language, and provides a user-friendly workspace. ROBLOX handles various aspects of game development like publishing, servers, and monetization, making it ideal for newcomers.

    The key feature explored in this article is ROBLOX's generative AI, which offers AI-powered code completion to assist in game creation. By enabling this feature, the AI can generate code based on your comments, automating tasks like creating parts, assigning colors, and more. Additionally, the toolbox in ROBLOX studio provides pre-made models, scripts, and assets that can be easily integrated into your game, streamlining the development process.

    Through a step-by-step demonstration, the article showcases how to create three different games using ROBLOX studio and its AI capabilities. From a game where parts drop from random locations to a speed simulator and a zombie wave shooter, each game is developed without the need for scripting or modeling. The article emphasizes the ease of game creation with ROBLOX studio's tools and AI, making game development more accessible for beginners.


    ROBLOX, game development, generative AI, Lua coding language, toolbox, pre-made models, scripting, game creation, beginner-friendly, AI-powered code completion.


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    4. Is ROBLOX a suitable platform for beginner game developers looking to create fully functional games?

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