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    Making a Video game Using A.I Only…

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    Making a Video game Using A.I Only…

    Artificial intelligence has recently seen significant advancements, giving rise to innovative tools like Chad GPT that can provide programming advice, fix bugs, and even assist in game development. In a quest to explore the capabilities of AI in creating video games, the author delves into using AI tools such as GPT, Dolly, and Jukebox to design and develop a platformer game in Unity. From generating game ideas to coding player movements, creating enemies, designing levels, and even composing music, the author navigates through the challenges and successes of utilizing AI in game development.


    artificial intelligence, video game, Chad GPT, Unity, platformer game, AI tools, game development, challenges, successes


    • Can artificial intelligence assist in generating game ideas?
    • How can AI tools help in coding player movements and designing game levels?
    • What are some challenges faced when utilizing AI in game development?
    • Is it possible to utilize AI for creating game soundtracks and sound effects?

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