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    Making a breaking news style video - Filmora tutorial

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    Making a breaking news style video - Filmora tutorial

    In this tutorial, we will guide you through creating a breaking news-style video in Filmora. Starting with downloading a breaking news pack from, you will learn how to edit titles, add overlays, incorporate green screen videos, and apply transitions to achieve a professional breaking news video effect. Let's dive into the steps!


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    To begin, open Filmora software and go to to download a breaking news pack. After downloading, import the pack into Filmora and start editing the titles, overlays, videos, and transitions to create a dynamic breaking news video.

    Step 1: Downloading and Importing Breaking News Pack

    • Log in to and download a breaking news pack.
    • Import the pack into Filmora and explore the titles, elements, effects, and transitions included.

    Step 2: Editing Titles and Overlays

    • Drag and drop breaking news titles onto the timeline and customize them.
    • Add overlays to your videos, adjust their size and position, and remove green screen backgrounds if needed.

    Step 3: Adding Elements and Transitions

    • Incorporate news elements into the background of your videos.
    • Use lower third titles to display news headlines and details.
    • Include live elements and apply breaking news transitions between clips for a polished look.

    Once you follow these steps, you can preview your breaking news-style video in Filmora and make further adjustments as needed.


    Now you are equipped with the knowledge to create a captivating breaking news style video in Filmora. Experiment with different elements, titles, overlays, and transitions to enhance the visual impact of your news content.


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    2. Can I customize the titles and overlays in a breaking news-style video?
    3. Is it essential to use green screen videos for creating a breaking news effect in Filmora?
    4. What are some tips for adding live elements and transitions to enhance a breaking news video?

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