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    Mastering Kaiber AI : Ultimate Tutorial and Deep Dive (AI Text to Video & Video to Video)

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    Mastering Kyber AI: Ultimate Tutorial and Deep Dive (AI Text to Video & Video to Video)

    In this comprehensive tutorial, we will dive into, a powerful video generation platform that you can start using today. Whether you want to create stunning AI-generated animations or transform existing videos, Kyber has a lot to offer. We will explore its various features, including AI text to video and video to video capabilities, and provide a step-by-step guide on how to use them effectively.

    Introduction to

    When you first enter the Kyber platform, you will be greeted with a range of options to get started. You can begin with an initial image or transform an existing video. Additionally, you can add your own audio or start writing a text prompt. Kyber provides a preferred syntax for text prompts, but being familiar with it is not mandatory. The breakdown of a prompt includes subject, prepositional details, setting, meta modifiers, and styling. However, the exact usage of these elements might become clearer as you experiment with the platform.

    Text Prompting with

    To get started with text prompting, you can simply write a prompt or choose from a selection of stylistic collections and prompts. By selecting a prompt style, you can easily achieve the desired visual effect for your video. is based on stable diffusion, so stable diffusion type keywords can also be used for prompting. Once you have written your prompt, you can adjust the video settings, such as duration, aspect ratio, and camera movements. Additionally, you can control the level of hypnotic or hallucinogenic evolving with the "Evolve" function. This function allows you to create unique and visually appealing animations.

    Generating Videos with Text Prompts

    After setting up your text prompt and video settings, you can preview the frames that generates. Each frame costs one credit, and you can see a selection of four keyframes to choose from. Once you have selected your preferred initial frame, you can create the video. will generate the animation for you, which usually takes a few minutes. The resulting video will have a shifting and evolving look, which can add a unique style to your animations. It is important to note that is not trained to handle complex movements, so for videos with a lot of movement, video to video capabilities should be explored.

    Weighted Text Prompts allows you to weight certain words in your text prompts. This can provide more control over the visual elements of your video. By assigning different weights to the words, you can emphasize or de-emphasize specific details. For example, if you want to highlight a character's red glowing hands, you can assign a higher weight to the words related to this feature. Conversely, if you want to remove certain elements, you can assign a negative weight to those words. However, it is essential to be cautious with the weighting, as extreme values can lead to distortions and unintended results.

    Image Prompting in

    In addition to text prompting, also supports image prompting. You can upload images and describe them using the preferred syntax for stable diffusion. If you are looking for specific visual results, you can use external tools such as Replicate to generate image prompts. After providing the image prompt and additional details like camera movements, you can preview the generated frames. However, it is important to note that combining different image prompts might be necessary to achieve desired results, as image prompting alone may not always give the desired output.

    Video to Video with

    One of's standout features is video to video generation. By uploading a source video, you can apply various styles and transformations to create stunning visual effects. The quality of the source video plays a significant role in the final output, so using high-quality footage is advised.'s evolving and morphing style can bring a unique aesthetic to your videos. By experimenting with different styles and presets, you can achieve visually stunning and conceptual pre-visualization animations.

    Adding Audio to Videos also allows you to add audio or songs to your videos. The ever-evolving and morphing visual style is particularly effective when paired with audio. You can select a track or upload your own audio file to enhance the overall impact of your video. By utilizing the storyboard function, you can create different prompts and combine them with the audio to achieve dynamic and captivating results.


    • AI text to video
    • Video to video
    • Animation
    • Prompting
    • Text weights
    • Image prompting
    • Audio integration


    Q: What is A: is a video generation platform that utilizes AI technology to create animations and transform existing videos.

    Q: Does support image prompting? A: Yes, supports image prompting. You can upload images and provide descriptions using stable diffusion-friendly prompts.

    Q: Can I add audio or songs to my videos with A: Yes, allows you to add audio or songs to your videos, enhancing the visual experience with sound.

    Q: How can I control the visual elements of my video with text prompts? A: provides the option to weight certain words in your text prompts. This allows you to emphasize or de-emphasize specific details in the resulting video.

    Q: Can I combine different image prompts in A: Yes, combining different image prompts might be necessary to achieve desired results, as image prompting alone may not always give the desired output.

    Q: What's the advantage of using video to video capabilities in A: Video to video generation in allows you to apply various styles and transformations to source videos, resulting in visually stunning and conceptual pre-visualization animations.

    These are just a few of the capabilities and features offers. It is a powerful tool that can be utilized for creating captivating animations, exploring unique visual styles, and enhancing your video projects. Keep experimenting and pushing the boundaries of AI video generation with!

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