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    Maya and Carina Hook Up #3 (3x07)

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    Maya and Carina Hook Up #3 (3x07)

    In the episode, we see Maya showing up at Carina's workplace with lasagna after Warren informs her that Carina had a tough day. However, Carina is taken aback by Maya's unexpected visit and states that she does not need a girlfriend. Maya apologizes for her actions, acknowledging her mistake in assuming a romantic connection. The interaction ends with Maya expressing her understanding and leaving.


    Maya, Carina, hospital, lasagna, hook up, apology, misunderstanding, emotional turmoil


    1. What was Maya's reason for visiting Carina at her workplace with lasagna? Maya visited Carina at her workplace after Warren informed her that Carina had a tough day, as a gesture of support and comfort.

    2. How did Carina react to Maya's visit? Carina was surprised and uncomfortable with Maya's unannounced visit, as she clarified that she did not want a romantic relationship with Maya.

    3. How did Maya respond to Carina's rejection? Maya apologized for her assumption and expressed her understanding of Carina's boundaries, ultimately deciding to leave.

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