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    Meet the YouTuber Who Solved Shorts (Jenny Hoyos Interview)

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    Meet the YouTuber Who Solved Shorts (Jenny Hoyos Interview)

    Have you ever wondered how to make your content go viral? Well, Jenny Hoyos, an 18-year-old YouTuber, has cracked the code. With over 600 million views in the past year alone and an average of 10 million views per video, she knows a thing or two about creating viral content. In a recent interview, Jenny shared her insights on how she makes anything go viral and her strategies for creating the perfect short video.

    Jenny has analyzed thousands of shorts from top creators like MrBeast and Ryan Tran to understand what makes a video go viral. She believes that a viral video can be created about anything as long as it has a compelling story and a twist. Jenny emphasizes the importance of getting the audience invested in the video, making it personalized and relatable. By adding a personal touch and a sense of irony, she creates a connection with her viewers and keeps them engaged.

    When it comes to creating a viral video, Jenny emphasizes the significance of the hook. The hook needs to be visually appealing and easily understandable without any audio. She compares the hook to a thumbnail that can grab viewers' attention and entice them to click on the video. It should be simple, concise, and compelling. Jenny even uses a readability checker to ensure that her hooks are easily understandable by a fifth-grade audience.

    In addition to the hook, Jenny believes that every second counts in a short video. Retention may not be as crucial as some people think. She discovered that trimming even one second at the end of a short could significantly improve retention and overall video performance. Every second lost in a short video compounds and results in a significant drop in retention. Jenny's goal is to keep viewers engaged enough to watch the entire video, and if possible, re-watch it for higher retention rates.

    Jenny's key to creating a good short video is a strong hook, concise storytelling, and a compelling story that keeps viewers hooked. She believes that a good short should have a strong visual hook that can be understood without audio, as well as a story that pushes viewers through the video. A good short is one that not only keeps viewers watching until the end but also leaves them wanting to re-watch it again.

    When it comes to generating ideas for her videos, Jenny draws inspiration from her own life experiences and observations. She also takes inspiration from watching other YouTube videos and putting her own twist on the content. Jenny has an extensive list of video ideas and uses AI tools to generate additional ideas. However, she believes that the best ideas come from living life and finding unique stories to share with her audience.

    Jenny also shared her insights on how different platforms respond to short form content. She found that different platforms have different preferences and algorithms. YouTube prefers a slower pace with a more mature audience, whereas TikTok requires shorter videos between 10 to 20 seconds that are dense with information. Instagram Reels falls somewhere in between, providing a platform for visually engaging and sharable content.

    While Jenny has been highly successful in creating viral shorts, she sees long-form content as the next step in her journey. She aims to establish herself in the long-form space and believes that the real growth and satisfaction come from learning and creating long-form videos. However, she acknowledges that there is a difference in the audience between shorts and long-form content, and not everyone from her short-form audience will transition to long-form.

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    Q: How does Jenny Hoyos create viral videos? A: Jenny believes that adding a compelling story and a twist, as well as a personal touch, can make any video go viral.

    Q: How does Jenny engage her audience? A: Jenny focuses on making her content personality-based, making her audience feel invested in her videos.

    Q: What makes a good short video? A: According to Jenny, a good short video has a strong visual hook, concise storytelling, and a compelling story that keeps viewers hooked.

    Q: How does Jenny generate video ideas? A: Jenny generates video ideas from her own life experiences and observations. She also takes inspiration from other YouTube videos and uses AI tools for brainstorming.

    Q: Is there a difference in audience preference between different platforms? A: Yes, Jenny has observed that different platforms have different preferences. YouTube caters to a more mature audience, TikTok prefers shorter and more information-dense videos, while Instagram Reels falls somewhere in between.

    Q: Why is Jenny transitioning to long-form content? A: Jenny sees long-form content as a new challenge and an opportunity for growth. She wants to establish herself in the long-form space and believes it will provide a different kind of satisfaction in her YouTube journey.

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