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    Meeting Connor From Detroit In Real Life!

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    Meeting Connor From Detroit In Real Life!

    In an unexpected encounter, YouTuber Sean aka jacksepticeye met Bryan Dechart, the actor behind the beloved android character Connor from the hit video game Detroit: Become Human. The meeting took place during a live broadcast, where Sean was joined by Amelia Rose Blaire as they engaged in a delightful conversation with Bryan about his role as Connor and the impact of the game on the gaming community.

    The excitement sparked when Bryan arrived at Sean's door, exclaiming, "Hi Sean, my name is Connor, I'm the android sent by CyberLife!" This iconic line quickly spread like wildfire on social media platforms, especially Reddit, and became an internet sensation. Sean's community was thrilled to witness the unexpected visit and the buzz around the phrase "My name is Connor" only grew stronger.

    To commemorate the encounter, Bryan and Amelia presented Sean with an official RK800 jacket, a cosplay item from the game designed by Quantum Dream Playstation. The jacket featured the serial number "31324831751", which held significant personal meaning for Bryan, with each digit representing specific aspects of his life. The jacket fit perfectly, adding to the excitement of the moment.

    Throughout the meeting, Bryan shared insights into his portrayal of Connor and the creative decisions behind the character. He revealed that he came up with the nine-digit serial number himself, and it was incorporated into the game. The number featured references to his personal background, such as the Detroit area code "313," the Michigan area code "248," and his birthday, "317". Bryan's strong connection to the character showcased the care and dedication he brought to his role.

    As the conversation continued, Sean and Amelia decided to dress Bryan up as Connor, giving fans a real-life glimpse of the iconic character. With Bryan donning the RK800 jacket, they jokingly engaged in a fake fashion shoot, showcasing the cosplay attire in a playful and lighthearted manner. The whole interaction exuded a wholesome and fun-filled atmosphere, leaving fans ecstatic.


    • Meeting
    • Connor
    • Detroit: Become Human
    • Bryan Dechart
    • Gameplay
    • Cosplay
    • Quantum Dream Playstation
    • RK800 Jacket
    • Serial Number


    1. How did Bryan Dechart come up with Connor's serial number?
    • Bryan Dechart came up with the nine-digit serial number on set, drawing inspiration from personal connections such as the Detroit area code and his birthday.
    1. Did Bryan Dechart have a say in Connor's character development?
    • While Bryan Dechart contributed to the portrayal of Connor, the overall character development and script decisions were a collaborative effort with the game developers.
    1. Are there any interesting behind-the-scenes facts about Connor's portrayal in the game?
    • Yes, Connor's lines and actions were carefully crafted to ensure consistency and a cohesive experience for players, with options available to accommodate different player choices.
    1. How did the meeting between Sean (jacksepticeye) and Bryan Dechart come about?
    • The meeting between Sean and Bryan Dechart happened during a live broadcast, where the unexpected encounter took place, surprising both Sean and his community.
    1. What impact did Bryan Dechart's portrayal of Connor have on the gaming community?
    • Bryan Dechart's portrayal of Connor garnered a dedicated fan base and became an internet sensation, with lines like "Hi, my name is Connor" spreading widely and creating a memorable character in the gaming community.

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