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    Mom Goes Viral With ‘Ugly Baby’ Video

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    Mom Goes Viral With ‘Ugly Baby’ Video

    When Lucy Bear found out she was going to be a mom again, it came as a surprise to her. As a mom of stepson Cole and daughter Harper, Lucy had struggled with miscarriages and had given up on expanding her family. However, in February 2020, she discovered she was pregnant with her "miracle baby," Race Reese. Despite expectations of her daughter looking like her, Lucy was surprised by Race's unique appearance, including a large nose. Embracing her daughter's uncommon look, Lucy shared a video on TikTok that quickly went viral, with over 22 million views. While facing some backlash for the video, Lucy stood by her actions, maintaining that she was simply keeping it real and that Race would have a great sense of humor about it in the future.


    • Lucy Bear
    • Miracle baby
    • TikTok video
    • Embracing uniqueness
    • Viral content


    • What was Lucy Bear's reaction to discovering she was pregnant with her "miracle baby"?
    • How did Lucy's TikTok video about her daughter's unique appearance gain millions of views?
    • How did Lucy respond to backlash about the video?
    • What message did Lucy's video convey to other moms about accepting imperfections in their children?

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