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    Must Try 2 Free AI Websites!

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    Must Try 2 Free AI Websites!

    Are you looking to explore the wonders of AI technology for free? Look no further than these two amazing websites that will surely blow your mind.

    First, check out the Luma AI app available on the Apple App Store or the Luma AI website for Android users. This app allows you to take drone shots directly from your phone, making it a convenient tool for creating stunning aerial videos. By following a simple process that involves shooting three videos at different angles with a friend, Luma AI can generate a 3D render of the location. You can then customize the camera movement to create a professional drone shot effect right from your phone.

    Next, if you're looking to enhance your portrait shots and remove unwanted elements like black bars, head over to With the help of AI technology, ClipDrop can uncrop images and even redraw missing elements using artificial intelligence. While the free options may have limitations compared to paid software like Photoshop, the results are still impressive and worth trying out.



    1. Are these AI websites completely free to use?
    2. How do I use the Luma AI app to take drone shots from my phone?
    3. Can ClipDrop really fix image cropping and enhancement using AI?
    4. Are the results from these free AI websites comparable to paid software like Photoshop?
    5. Is it necessary to have a friend to use the Luma AI app for drone shots, as mentioned in the article?

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