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    My 2022 Ultimate Hybrid Mac / Chromebook Desk setup

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    My 2022 Ultimate Hybrid Mac / Chromebook Desk Setup

    It's been a while since I've shared my desk setup, so I'm excited to walk you through my ultimate hybrid Mac / Chromebook desk setup for 2022. Working from home has become a norm, and having a productive workspace is essential. Let's dive into the details of my workstation!

    I have transitioned to a fully remote work setup, where I spend hours in front of my computer as a tech news writer. Thanks to my Flexispot adjustable standing desk, I can easily switch between sitting and standing positions throughout the day, promoting better back health. The spacious desk allows me to fit all my essentials, from gadgets to filming equipment, making it a versatile workspace.

    My tech arsenal includes the Google Pixel 6, a reliable phone that I keep charged on the Google Pixel Stand. For video conferences and voiceovers, I use the Mono Au-804 USB microphone mounted on a microphone arm. The Pitaka Mag Easy Stand holds my Lenovo Chromebook 2 at eye level, making it convenient for tasks like filling out forms and signing documents.

    Panovo's USI styluses are my go-to for digital writing on Chromebooks and iPads, offering versatility and precision. To combat eye strain during late-night work sessions, I rely on the BenQ Screen Bar Halo for adjustable lighting. This setup ensures a comfortable and productive work environment.

    When it comes to content creation, I have a teleprompter and cameras mounted above my monitor for seamless video production. Lighting is key, with Elgato Key Lights providing soft illumination, alongside additional light panels for specific shot setups. My M1 MacBook Air serves as my main editing machine, connected to external drives for storage and organization.

    To stay focused in a shared living space, I use the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones for active noise cancellation. An LG ultra-wide monitor offers ample screen real estate, perfect for multitasking and referencing multiple sources simultaneously. The G-Small Dock keeps my setup clutter-free, with a streamlined connection for all peripherals.

    The Stream Deck acts as my command center, streamlining tasks and enhancing workflow efficiency. Paired with the Logitech MX Keys Mini and MX Mouse, I have a comfortable and customizable input setup for seamless navigation. This comprehensive setup is tailored to my productivity needs, providing a one-stop solution for work and content creation.


    Adjustable standing desk, Google Pixel 6, Tech news writer, Productivity, Flexispot, Mono Au-804 USB microphone, Pitaka Mag Easy Stand, Panovo USI styluses, BenQ Screen Bar Halo, Elgato Key Lights, M1 MacBook Air, Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones, LG ultra-wide monitor, G-Small Dock, Stream Deck, Logitech MX Keys Mini, MX Mouse, Remote work.


    1. What equipment do you use for video conferencing and voiceovers?
    2. How do you combat eye strain during late-night work sessions?
    3. Which headphones do you recommend for active noise cancellation in a shared workspace?
    4. How do you streamline tasks and enhance workflow efficiency in your setup?
    5. What are the key benefits of an ultra-wide monitor for multitasking and content creation?

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