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    My Cheating Husband Went Viral! | KARAMO

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    My Cheating Husband Went Viral! | KARAMO

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    Last Sunday, a TikTok video went viral featuring Shamika catching her husband, Ifani, at a hotel with another woman on their anniversary. Now, the couple is seeking advice on how to save their marriage.

    Shamika initially posted the video on her husband's page, and later shared it on her TikTok account. This is not the first time Ifani has cheated on her, with the first instance occurring close to their previous anniversary. Although he initially admitted to cheating, he later tried to pass it off as a joke.

    The couple met on Facebook, and despite Shamika's initial reluctance due to a recent breakup, she found Ifani to be sweet, kind, and treated her well. They have been together since the end of 2018, but got married in 2019.

    During their marriage, there have been ongoing issues. Ifani expressed his frustration at Shamika talking about their problems to her friends, and her lack of contribution to their finances. He also accused her of taking money from him without permission.

    The TikTok video and subsequent revelation of cheating has strained their relationship, leading Ifani to express his desire for a divorce. Shamika is having a hard time accepting this decision and is visibly upset.


    • Shamika
    • Ifani
    • TikTok
    • Viral video
    • Catching cheating
    • Anniversary
    • Marriage problems
    • Divorce


    1. What led to the TikTok video going viral?
    2. How long have Shamika and Ifani been together?
    3. Was this the first time Ifani cheated on Shamika?
    4. What were the reasons given for their previous problems in the marriage?
    5. Is there a chance for reconciliation between Shamika and Ifani?

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