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    My Homework Went Viral

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    My Homework Went Viral

    Imagine a simple homework assignment going viral with over 35 million views. This is the story of how a college student's video production project unintentionally became an internet sensation. The student, with a background in creating video projects, was tasked with developing a live sitcom episode. However, it was a last-minute decision made in a grocery store that would ultimately propel their creation to viral fame.


    • Homework
    • Viral
    • College degree
    • Video production
    • Sitcom
    • Advertising
    • Corn commercial
    • Unexpected success


    1. How did the student's homework assignment go viral?

      • The student created a fake ad break for a live sitcom episode, featuring a humorous corn commercial, which unexpectedly resonated with a massive audience.
    2. What was the student's background before creating the viral video?

      • The student had experience in video production projects as part of their college degree program, which likely contributed to the video's quality.
    3. How did the student come up with the idea for the corn commercial in the video?

      • The student improvised the corn commercial idea while in a grocery store the day before the project was due, leading to the creation of a memorable and unconventional advertisement.

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