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    My print on demand t-shirt store is making money

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    My print on demand t-shirt store is making money

    In the second episode of the print on demand t-shirt side hustle series, the focus is on analyzing the sales performance of the store that sells faith and inspiration-based shirt designs. The episode begins with a review of the previous actions taken, such as setting up a Shopify website, creating designs, and promoting them on Facebook. The narrator then delves into the sales figures, reporting over 2000 store sessions and nearly $ 300 in sales. However, the conversion rate was low at 0.27%, prompting a reevaluation of the marketing strategy. The decision to switch fulfillment services to Printify for better pricing and investing in Facebook ads to target the right audience is highlighted as the next steps in the journey.


    • Print on demand
    • T-shirt store
    • Shopify
    • Sales performance
    • Conversion rate
    • Marketing strategy
    • Printify
    • Facebook ads
    • Audience targeting


    • How important is the conversion rate in assessing the success of a print on demand store?
    • What are the benefits of using Printify over other fulfillment services?
    • How effective are Facebook ads in driving sales for a print on demand business?
    • How crucial is audience targeting in the success of a print on demand store?
    • What are some key steps to take when sales performance is not meeting expectations in a print on demand business?

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