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    NEW CapCut AI Tools For Creators & Business Owners.

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    NEW CapCut AI Tools For Creators & Business Owners

    The world of video editing is about to undergo a revolutionary change with the release of CapCut for Business. This innovative tool is designed to assist business owners and creators in making high-quality ads and branded content. With the implementation of AI technology, CapCut is introducing new features that will help users create amazing videos. In this article, we will explore the capabilities of these AI tools and how they can enhance your video editing experience.

    AI Characters

    CapCut now offers the option to choose from multiple realistic characters that can speak your script and deliver your ads, eliminating the need for you to be on camera. There are two ways to utilize this feature. First, you can access the AI characters through the templates in the business section. Alternatively, you can add text within a project, select an AI character, and generate speech for that character. With the ability to customize appearance, voice, and script, you can create engaging videos without ever being in front of the camera.

    Ad Script Writer

    One of the most crucial aspects of content creation is scripting your videos. CapCut's AI script writer can help you generate compelling scripts for your videos. By providing information about your product, brand, target audience, video duration, and more, you can generate multiple scripts tailored to your needs. These scripts serve as idea generators and provide a starting point for your content creation process. You can rate and copy the generated scripts to refine them further and make them suitable for your video.

    AI Product Shoot

    For businesses selling physical products, CapCut offers an AI product shoot feature that simplifies the process of capturing professional-looking product photos. By taking pictures of your products with a clean, separated background, the AI technology can remove the background and create a polished image. CapCut provides a variety of AI backgrounds to showcase your product in different settings. You can easily change backgrounds and save the photos to use for your website or marketing materials.

    Smart Ads

    CapCut's Smart Ads feature enables you to create multiple video versions based on the photos and information from your TikTok shop. By entering your product link, CapCut analyzes the product info, and within seconds, generates a series of video ads. You can then edit the text, replace images, and export the videos. This feature not only saves time but also provides inspiration for your own video ads.


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    In conclusion, CapCut's AI tools bring a new level of efficiency and creativity to video editing for creators and business owners. With features like AI characters, ad script writer, AI product shoot, and smart ads, CapCut provides users with the tools they need to create high-quality videos, generate script ideas, capture professional product photos, and produce multiple ad versions effortlessly. Explore the possibilities of CapCut's AI tools and elevate your video editing experience today.

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