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    Neighbors react to viral fight involving Hazelwood East high schoolers

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    Neighbors react to viral fight involving Hazelwood East high schoolers

    A viral video capturing a violent altercation near Hazelwood East High School has shocked the community, leading to a 15-year-old girl being critically injured. The incident, part of a reported trend of off-campus conflicts spilling into the neighborhood, has sparked concerns among residents and authorities alike. St. Louis County Police were called to intervene in the fight that occurred in the intersection of Norgate and Claing Drive, with footage showing a group of teens engaging in a physical altercation, resulting in the severe head injury of one girl. The escalation of such incidents has raised questions about the safety of the neighborhood and the need for increased security measures.

    Neighbors in the area have expressed long-standing frustrations over the recurring fights involving Hazelwood East students, attributing the proximity of the school as a contributing factor. The exposure of such violence on social media platforms has further intensified concerns about the normalization of negative behaviors among young people. With nearly 50% of American schools witnessing a rise in fighting incidents, the community is urged to address the underlying issues, provide resources, and support to deter such occurrences in the future.

    School districts like Hazelwood have emphasized the importance of community cooperation in tackling bullying and violence among young individuals. Authorities have apprehended a 15-year-old girl in connection to the incident, highlighting the repercussions of such actions. Efforts from organizations like the Urban League aim to engage with troubled youth through programs like reroute, which offer assistance, counseling, and court support. Moving forward, a collaborative approach involving parents, schools, and communities is deemed crucial to fostering a safer environment for children in the area.


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    1. What was the viral video involving Hazelwood East High School about?
    2. Why are neighbors concerned about fights involving students from Hazelwood East?
    3. How are organizations like the Urban League addressing youth violence in the community?
    4. What actions have authorities taken following the violent incident near Hazelwood East High School?
    5. Why is there a need for increased community involvement in tackling bullying and violence among young individuals?

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