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    New AI Video & Audio Editing tools for Video Creators

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    New AI Video & Audio Editing Tools for Video Creators

    In this article, we will explore some of the latest AI video and audio editing tools that are available to video creators. These tools offer various features such as AI music generation, audio transcription, noise reduction, and automatic multi-camera editing. We will take a closer look at each tool, discuss their functionalities, and evaluate their usefulness in video workflows. So let's dive in!

    Sound Raw: AI Music Generator

    Sound Raw is an AI music generator designed specifically for creators. It offers a simple interface where users can choose the length and tempo of their desired track. Users can also select a specific mood, genre, or theme to generate music that aligns with their video content. The tool allows for customization of energy levels in different segments of the track, and even lets you delete sections to create a shorter track. Sound Raw also offers a "Pro mode" for advanced editing of melody, backing, bass, and drums. This tool revolutionizes music creation for videos and offers exciting possibilities for video creators.

    Treble and Adobe Podcast: Audio Transcription and Enhancement

    Both Treble and Adobe Podcast provide AI-powered tools for audio transcription and enhancement. These tools allow video creators to automatically transcribe audio recordings for easy editing. Additionally, they offer noise reduction features to enhance the overall sound quality. Adobe Podcast is still in beta, but it provides impressive noise reduction capabilities, though it alters the voice slightly. Treble, on the other hand, delivers more natural sound quality while transcribing. It would be beneficial for Adobe to add an enhanced speech feature within Premiere Pro to streamline the editing process.

    Fader: Stem Extraction for Remixing and Lyric Videos

    Fader is another AI-powered tool that allows video creators to extract stems from a mixed audio track. This feature is particularly useful for remixing music or creating lyric videos. By separating vocals and instruments into individual stems, creators can remix or animate lyrics more efficiently. The extracted stems can be easily downloaded and manipulated in editing software like Premiere Pro.

    Autopod: Automatic Multi-Camera Editing for Podcasts

    Autopod is an Adobe Premiere Pro plugin that automates multi-camera editing for podcasts. It analyzes the different camera angles and speaker audio to create a dynamic edit that switches between speakers based on sound cues. While Autopod can save considerable time in the initial editing process, video creators still need to go in and make specific cuts, remove unwanted sections, and add their own creative touch. Autopod is better understood as a starting point rather than a complete replacement for manual editing.


    AI music generation, audio transcription, noise reduction, stem extraction, automatic multi-camera editing, video creator tools.


    1. Can I customize the AI-generated music in Sound Raw?

      • Yes, Sound Raw allows users to customize the energy levels of different segments and even delete sections to create a shorter track.
    2. Can Treble and Adobe Podcast remove background noise completely?

      • While both tools offer noise reduction features, Adobe Podcast tends to be more effective in removing background noise. However, it alters the voice slightly, while Treble provides a more natural sound.
    3. How can Fader benefit lyric video creators?

      • Fader allows lyric video creators to extract stems from a mixed audio track, providing separate vocal and instrumental tracks for easier editing and animation.
    4. Does Autopod completely automate multi-camera editing for podcasts?

      • Autopod automates the initial multi-camera editing process by analyzing camera angles and speaker audio. However, video creators still need to make specific cuts and add their own creative touch.
    5. Are these AI tools replacements for manual editing?

      • No, these AI tools are designed to enhance and streamline the editing process for video creators. While they offer time-saving features, manual editing is still necessary for customization and creative control.

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