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    New AI Video Generator Does Prompt to YouTube Video

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    New AI Video Generator Does Prompt to YouTube Video

    A new AI tool has emerged which allows users to input a short prompt, and within a few minutes, it generates a fully edited video complete with voiceover, footage, text, and transitions. Users can further instruct the tool on how to edit the video using natural language commands. This tool is set to revolutionize the content creation landscape, offering a glimpse into the future of effortless video creation. The platform is free to try out and provides a seamless user experience. Here is a breakdown of how it works:

    To begin, users click on "create AI video" and input a prompt. There are two ways to provide instructions: users can either type all instructions in the box and click generate, or select a workflow option for more specific guidance. Various options are available for topics, with niches like Money, Travel, Motivation, Love, Fitness, and Business yielding excellent results. Users can customize creative directions, select music type, and even choose the voice for the voiceover. The tool utilizes these instructions to generate a script and visual elements for the video.

    Upon generating the video, users can make further edits using the platform. They can modify stock footage, upload their own media, edit the script, and even make changes through natural language commands. Additionally, users can regenerate the video to obtain different versions based on their preferences. The tool also offers experimental features for more advanced editing, allowing exports to a timeline for precise modifications.

    In conclusion, this AI video generator simplifies the video creation process and provides a futuristic approach to content creation. With its user-friendly interface and innovative features, it presents endless possibilities for various content creators and businesses alike.


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    1. Can users customize the voiceover and music in the generated videos? Yes, users can select the type of voice and music for the video, providing a personalized touch to the generated content.

    2. Is the AI tool only suitable for specific niches like Money, Travel, and Fitness? While the tool works particularly well for these niches, it can be adapted for a wide range of topics, offering flexibility in content creation.

    3. How does the platform handle user-generated edits and feedback? The platform allows users to make edits to the generated video, upload their own media, and even provide feedback for future improvements.

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