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    New FREE AI Video Generator & Feature Length AI Films!

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    New FREE AI Video Generator & Feature Length AI Films!

    In this article, we will explore the exciting world of AI video generation, starting with a brand new and completely free platform called Hyper. Developed by Yia Meow and Zuu Wong, former Google Deep Mind alums, Hyper offers impressive capabilities such as text-to-video, image-to-video, and video repainting. We will dive into the platform, examine its features, and showcase some impressive results. Additionally, we will discuss the latest research on generating full-length AI films, providing insights into Movie llm, a project that aims to create AI-generated movies from prompts.

    Hyper: A Powerful and Free AI Video Generation Platform

    Hyper is a cutting-edge video generation platform that allows users to create videos using AI algorithms. Developed by industry experts with a background in Google Deep Mind, Hyper has raised over $ 19 million and is poised to make a significant impact in the AI video race. The platform offers various functionalities, including text-to-video, image-to-video, and video repainting. The generated videos display smooth movements and impressive animated styles. The user interface is user-friendly, and getting started is straightforward.

    Text-to-Video and Image-to-Video Generation

    Using Hyper, users can input text prompts or images to generate captivating videos. The platform excels in transforming textual prompts into engaging video content. The HD format provides approximately 2-second video generations, while the SD format allows up to 4-second video generations. Although the HD versions might seem short, there are workarounds available, such as extending the clips using non-linear editors like Premiere or DaVinci Resolve.

    Hyper's image-to-video feature is equally impressive. Users can animate still images by providing relevant prompts. The platform incorporates the prompt and generates stunning video content. The results are often on par with other leading AI video generation platforms.

    Video Repainting for Creative Effects

    Hyper's video repainting feature allows users to modify and enhance existing videos. By leveraging advanced algorithms, users can repaint specific areas of a video and create unique visual effects. Hyper's demo showcased repainting a smoothie pouring into a bowl and transforming it into a captivating watercolor koi fish animation. This feature adds a creative edge to the platform's capabilities.

    Movie llm: AI-Generated Feature Length Films

    In the realm of research, Movie llm stands out for its aim to generate fully AI-generated movies. By utilizing the power of GPT-4 and text-to-image models, Movie llm generates detailed scripts and corresponding visuals. The process involves numerous steps, including movie plot generation, style immobilization, and data generation through stable diffusion. The objective is to create feature-length movies with coherent plots, consistent visual styles, and engaging dialogue.

    The researchers behind Movie llm faced challenges due to the lack of resources for training models on extremely long movies. However, they utilized the MovieNet dataset, comprising data from over 1,000 movies and 60,000 trailers, to tackle this obstacle. While the paper does not provide video examples, it explains the process and showcases key frame comparisons, highlighting the consistent style achieved by Movie llm.


    Hyper, AI video generation, text-to-video, image-to-video, video repainting, Movie llm, GPT-4, feature-length AI films, MovieNet dataset


    Q: Is Hyper completely free to use? A: Yes, Hyper is currently available as a free AI video generation platform.

    Q: Can Hyper generate videos from text prompts? A: Yes, Hyper excels in transforming text prompts into engaging video content.

    Q: Can Hyper animate still images? A: Yes, Hyper's image-to-video feature allows users to animate still images by providing relevant prompts.

    Q: How does Movie llm generate AI-generated movies? A: Movie llm leverages GPT-4 and text-to-image models to generate detailed scripts, visuals, and dialogues for feature-length AI films.

    Q: Are there any examples of AI-generated movies created by Movie llm? A: The paper does not provide video examples, but it showcases key frame comparisons that demonstrate Movie llm's ability to achieve consistent visual styles.

    Q: Can I extend the short HD video generations in Hyper? A: Yes, by utilizing non-linear editing software such as Premiere or DaVinci Resolve, you can extend the duration of HD video generations.

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