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    New FREE AI Video Generator & Free AI Image Upscaling!

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    New FREE AI Video Generator & Free AI Image Upscaling!

    Today, we have exciting news for you! Introducing a new free AI video generator called Pixverse, which is a great alternative to the now paid Pico tier system. Additionally, we’ll be taking a look at a free image upscaler that works similar to the popular Magnific tool, and a new video upscaler that competes with Topaz Video but at a much more affordable price.

    Pixverse: A Free AI Video Generator

    Pixverse is a new AI video generator that is currently free to use. With features like text to video and image to video conversion, it offers a range of options to users. While it may lack some advanced features like camera motion controls and in-and-out painting, it still delivers impressive results.

    When tested with image-to-video conversion, the results were remarkable. The AI seamlessly transformed an image into a video with minimal morphing, producing a realistic and visually pleasing result. Additionally, Pixverse offers an upscale button that allows users to increase the resolution of their videos, although this may create a more animated and painted effect.

    Community users have also shared their impressive creations on Pixverse. From an animated sci-fi shot to a romantic scene, the AI video generator has shown potential for various creative projects.

    Free AI Image Upscaling with offers a free AI image upscaler that rivals the functionality of Magnific. By uploading your low-resolution images, you can enhance them using different presets and adjustments to achieve stunning results. With options to control AI strength, resemblance, and upscaling factor, you can fine-tune the output according to your preference.

    By utilizing's upscaling capabilities, you have access to a more affordable alternative to Magnific. While Magnific remains a popular choice within the industry, the cost has been a concern for many, making an attractive option.

    Pixop: an Affordable Video Upscaler

    Pixop is an excellent alternative for those seeking an affordable video upscaler. Although it requires a paid subscription, the price is significantly lower compared to Topaz Video. By utilizing the deep rest restoration and super-resolution models, users can enhance their videos at a fraction of the cost.

    To provide a comparison, a three-minute AI-generated trailer with Pixop's advanced features would cost $ 6.4, while Topaz Video is priced at $ 299. This makes Pixop a cost-effective solution for users who require video upscaling without breaking their budget.


    • Pixverse
    • Free AI Video Generator
    • Image to Video Conversion
    • Image Upscaling
    • AI Image Upscaler
    • Magnific
    • Pixop
    • Affordable Video Upscaler
    • Topaz Video


    Q: Is Pixverse completely free to use? A: Yes, Pixverse is currently free, but it might transition to paid plans in the future.

    Q: Can's image upscaler produce realistic results? A: Yes,'s AI image upscaler offers realistic results and provides users with various presets to achieve their desired outcome.

    Q: Is Pixop a viable alternative to Topaz Video? A: Pixop offers similar functionality to Topaz Video at a significantly lower cost, making it a more affordable solution for video upscaling needs.

    Q: Can Pixop only upscale videos, or does it offer other features? A: Pixop specializes in video upscaling, providing users with advanced options such as deep rest restoration and super-resolution models to enhance their videos.

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