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    New FREE AI Video Generator Tool | Canva Text to Video (Without Watermark!)

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    New FREE AI Video Generator Tool | Canva Text to Video (Without Watermark!)

    Are you looking for a free AI video generator tool that can turn your text into videos in just seconds? Look no further than the new Canva Magic Studio tool available in the free version of Canva. In this article, we will walk you through how to access and use this powerful tool to create stunning videos without any watermarks.

    To access the Canva free AI video generator, we'll utilize the Magic Studio feature within Canva. By following a simple process, you can unlock unlimited uses of the Canva AI Magic Studio features and create professional-looking videos for your projects.

    Inside the Canva Magic Studio, you'll find the free AI image generator and the free AI video generator powered by Runway, a premium engine for text-to-video technology. You can input prompts like "sunset over the ocean" or "colorful coral reef" to generate realistic videos quickly.

    The article goes on to explore different examples of videos generated using the Canva AI video generator, showcasing the quality and believability of the results. With the ability to customize prompts and download the generated videos in full HD, this tool is a game-changer for content creators looking to add dynamic visuals to their projects.


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    1. How does the Canva AI video generator work?
    2. Are the videos generated by Canva's AI tool watermark-free?
    3. What are the main rules to consider when using the Canva Magic Studio for video creation?
    4. Is the Canva Magic Studio accessible in the free version of Canva?
    5. Can users customize prompts for the AI video generator in Canva?

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