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    NileRed tutorials be like

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    NileRed Tutorials Be Like

    Recently, a video script surfaced depicting the absurdity of following NileRed tutorials without proper knowledge or caution. The script humorously outlines a series of reckless actions, such as attempting to create a nuclear reactor in a garage, purchasing uranium on eBay, stealing uranium from Chernobyl, and even trying to make a nuclear bomb. Despite the dangerous and illegal nature of these actions, the narrator nonchalantly describes each step as if it were a legitimate tutorial. The script concludes with a parody of creating a nuclear bomb and releasing it in a residential area.


    NileRed tutorials, chemistry, nuclear reactor, uranium, Chernobyl, sulfuric acid, potassium permanganate, nuclear bomb, gas centrifuge, yellow cake, at-home chemistry


    1. Are these actions depicted in the script realistic? The actions portrayed in the script, such as attempting to create a nuclear reactor or a bomb, are highly dangerous, illegal, and should not be attempted under any circumstances. The script is intended for humor and exaggeration, not as a guide for actual experiments.

    2. What is the significance of NileRed in the context of these tutorials? NileRed is a popular YouTube channel known for its chemistry-related content and tutorials. While the channel provides educational and engaging content, it is important to approach experiments with caution, proper knowledge, and adherence to safety guidelines.

    3. Should individuals attempt chemistry experiments without proper knowledge or supervision? No, engaging in chemistry experiments without the necessary knowledge, equipment, and safety precautions can be extremely hazardous. It is crucial to follow established protocols, seek guidance from experts, and prioritize safety when conducting any scientific experiment.

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