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    No lights, no editing! - Created using AI

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    No lights, no editing! - Created using AI

    Here's a fantastic method to capture professional-looking portraits with any phone without the need for additional lighting or editing. To start, use your phone's self-timer to take a picture of yourself. Next, open your phone's browser and navigate to, an AI website that simplifies the photo editing process. Select the "relight" option and import your chosen picture. The AI will automatically set up lights for you to adjust, allowing you to customize the lighting, colors, and positions. The AI can even recognize the shape of your face, resulting in a seamless editing experience. After tweaking the lights to your liking, save the final image. This process transforms your initial picture into a professional portrait without the use of extra lighting or editing software. Thanks to AI technology, achieving stunning portraits has never been easier.


    Professional portraits, Phone photography, AI editing,, Lighting adjustment, Face recognition


    • Q: Can I achieve professional-looking portraits using just my phone and no additional lighting?
      • A: Yes, by utilizing AI technology on, you can enhance your pictures without the need for extra lights or editing.
    • Q: Is it difficult to adjust the lighting and colors using this AI-based method?
      • A: Not at all! The AI on simplifies the process by offering preset lights that can be easily moved and customized to suit your preferences.
    • Q: How accurate is the face recognition feature when editing portraits?
      • A: The AI's face recognition technology accurately identifies the shape of your face, making it easier to adjust the lighting and colors for a professional result.

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