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    Ogie's Revenge: 4k AI Video Art [7+ Hours AI Generated video]

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    Ogie's Revenge: 4k AI Video Art [7+ Hours AI Generated video]

    The script provided is a transcription of an AI-generated video featuring a series of musical tracks, applause, and foreign language segments. The content seems to be a compilation of various music tracks, audience responses, and thank you messages.


    • AI-generated video
    • Musical tracks
    • Foreign language
    • Applause
    • Thank you messages
    • Compilation


    • What is the content of the AI-generated video script? The script includes various musical tracks, foreign language segments, applause, and thank you messages.
    • How long is the AI-generated video? The video is over 7 hours long.
    • What is the theme of the video script? The video script seems to revolve around music, celebrations, and gratitude expressed through various languages.

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