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    PETIKAN GAMPANG SOUND VIRAL TIKTOK! Line Without A Hook (Tutorial Gitar Pemula)

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    PETIKAN GAMPANG SOUND VIRAL TIKTOK! Line Without A Hook (Tutorial Gitar Pemula)

    The script provided is a tutorial for playing a popular viral sound on TikTok called "Line Without A Hook". The tutorial breaks down the guitar chords G, E minor, and C, and demonstrates the strumming pattern for playing the song. The tutorial emphasizes the simplicity of the chord progression and strumming, making it an easy and enjoyable song to play for beginners.

    The tutorial encourages beginners to practice the chord progression and strumming pattern, repeating it over and over until comfortable. The video script includes references to specific finger placements for each chord and highlights the importance of maintaining a consistent and smooth rhythm while playing.


    Guitar Tutorial, TikTok, Viral Sound, Chord Progression, Strumming Pattern, Beginner-Friendly


    1. Is this tutorial suitable for beginners?

      • Yes, the tutorial is specifically designed for beginners, with an easy chord progression and strumming pattern.
    2. What song is being taught in this tutorial?

      • The tutorial is for playing the popular TikTok sound "Line Without A Hook".
    3. Are the chord diagrams explained in the tutorial?

      • The tutorial provides guidance on finger placements for chords G, E minor, and C, making it easier for beginners to follow along.
    4. How important is it to practice the strumming pattern?

      • Practicing the strumming pattern is crucial to maintain a consistent rhythm while playing the song. The tutorial emphasizes the need to repeat the pattern until it becomes natural.

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