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    PhotoTangler Collage Maker - Working With Projects - Pt. 2

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    PhotoTangler Collage Maker - Working With Projects - Pt. 2

    Welcome to the video tutorial series on PhotoTangler, a powerful desktop application that instantly turns your favorite photos into beautiful photo collages. If you're new to PhotoTangler, please visit In this article, we will explore how projects work in PhotoTangler.

    To start a new project, you can go to the file menu and select "new project." You can choose from preset dimensions or customize the pixel size of your project. Additionally, you can configure the background colors of your project, add images as backgrounds, freeze images to prevent accidental selections, and navigate the canvas using various tools like the mini-map and scroll bars.

    In the next few videos, we'll dive into creating and customizing image and text elements, special effects, and more with PhotoTangler.


    PhotoTangler, collage maker, projects, presets, dimensions, customization, backgrounds, freezing images, navigating canvas, mini-map, special effects.


    1. How can I start a new project in PhotoTangler?
    2. Can I customize the dimensions and background colors of my project in PhotoTangler?
    3. What is the purpose of freezing images in PhotoTangler?
    4. How can I navigate the canvas and zoom in PhotoTangler?
    5. Why is it important to save a project file in addition to exporting an image file in PhotoTangler?

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