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    Photoshop in Illustrator : How to change image color in Illustrator

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    Photoshop in Illustrator: How to Change Image Color in Illustrator

    In this tutorial video, we will explore how to retouch photos using Adobe Illustrator CC software. Let's begin by opening the selected image file and making edits to achieve the desired outcome. Throughout the process, we will utilize various tools such as the toolbar, shapes, color adjustments, and more to enhance the image and give it a new look.

    To start, open the image file named "Samay Jab" and proceed to remove unwanted elements from the picture, like "Jagdish Image Chaugi." The tutorial covers techniques to change the color of specific areas within the image using Illustrator's tools. By following the steps outlined in the video, users can easily manipulate colors, shapes, and other elements to achieve the desired effect.


    Adobe Illustrator, photo retouch, color adjustment, image editing, tutorial, software tools, shapes


    1. Can Adobe Illustrator be used for photo retouching? Yes, Adobe Illustrator CC software offers a range of tools and features that allow you to edit and retouch images effectively.

    2. Is it possible to change colors in an image using Illustrator? Absolutely, Illustrator provides tools like the color picker, shape formation, and color adjustment options to modify colors in images.

    3. Do you need prior experience to follow this tutorial? While some familiarity with Adobe Illustrator may be helpful, the step-by-step guide in the video makes it accessible for beginners to understand and apply the techniques demonstrated.

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