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    Pictory AI SCRIPT TO VIDEO Tutorial - AI Video Generator

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    Pictory AI SCRIPT TO VIDEO Tutorial - AI Video Generator

    Welcome back! Today, I'm going to show you how you can easily convert your script into a video using Pictory. The link for Pictory will be provided in the description below. Simply sign up for free using the link, and you'll have access to your own dashboard on Pictory where you can convert your script into a video within minutes.

    To get started, click on the option to enter your script and video name. Paste your script in the editor, select the aspect ratio for the video (landscape, portrait, or square), and let Pictory do the rest. You can customize visuals, add background music, voiceovers, and more to make your video unique.

    Once you're happy with the settings, select the resolution and generate your video. It's that easy to transform your script into a professional-looking video with Pictory!

    If this tutorial is helpful, don't forget to give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to the YouTube channel for more tips and tutorials.


    • Pictory
    • AI video generation
    • Script to video conversion
    • Visual customization
    • Background music
    • Voiceover options


    1. How can I convert my script into a video using Pictory?

      • Simply sign up for Pictory, paste your script, customize visuals and audio, select the resolution, and generate your video.
    2. What customization options are available in Pictory for video creation?

      • Pictory offers options to change visuals, add background music, include voiceovers, select themes, and adjust scene transitions.
    3. Can I preview my video before generating the final version?

      • Yes, you can preview your video and scenes before saving or generating the final video in Pictory.

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