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    Pixlr Photo Editing - Pixlr E Tutorial for Beginners

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    Pixlr Photo Editing - Pixlr E Tutorial for Beginners

    In this article, we will explore the basics of using Pixlr E for photo editing. Pixlr E is a robust photo editing program with a wide range of tools and functionalities. From opening and editing images to adding text, backgrounds, gradients, and animations, we will cover the essential features and tools to help beginners get started with Pixlr E.

    The opening interface of Pixlr E includes templates for easy editing, history tracking, image creation options, and various editing tools on the left menu. The article walks through selecting tools, removing backgrounds, adding text, applying effects like blur and gradient, and utilizing the animation panel. It also covers transforming layers, resizing images, and saving projects in different formats.


    Pixlr E, photo editing, beginner tutorial, tools, selection, background removal, text editing, effects, animation, transforming layers, resizing images, saving projects


    1. How can I remove the background from an image in Pixlr E?
    2. Can I add text with different styles and effects in Pixlr E?
    3. Is it possible to animate images in Pixlr E?
    4. How do I resize images and save projects in Pixlr E?
    5. What are some of the essential tools for beginners in Pixlr E?

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