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    Premiere Pro 2023 Color Grading

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    Premiere Pro 2023 Color Grading

    Here are some of my favorite color grading secrets in Premiere Pro. If you want to replicate the look and colors from any clip, follow these steps: access the Lumetri Color tab, navigate to Color Wheels and Match, then enter Comparison View to select the clip you want to emulate. Click Apply and Match, and you're all set. If you're having trouble finding the exact color you desire, utilize the HSL Curves and use the dropper tool to pinpoint the specific hue for easy editing. For more color grading tips, check out my recent YouTube video where I reveal three additional secrets I use regularly in Premiere Pro.


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    1. What is the Lumetri Color tab in Premiere Pro? The Lumetri Color tab in Premiere Pro is a tool used for color correction and color grading within the software. It offers various controls and options to adjust the color, contrast, and overall look of your video clips.

    2. How can I match colors from one clip to another in Premiere Pro? To match colors from one clip to another in Premiere Pro, you can use the Color Wheels and Match option. By selecting this feature and applying it to the desired clip, you can replicate the color scheme of another clip easily.

    3. How does the dropper tool help in color grading in Premiere Pro? The dropper tool in Premiere Pro's HSL Curves allows you to precisely select and edit specific colors within your video clips. By using this tool, you can quickly identify and adjust individual hues to achieve the desired color grading effect.

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