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    Preview Clip: Last of the Mobile Hot Shots (1970, starring Robert Hooks)

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    Preview Clip: Last of the Mobile Hot Shots (1970, starring Robert Hooks)

    [Music] "He says your half brother that means you have the same mother but if that is not we had different mothers different is a bad day. This is chicken what is that woman where my wife where's my mother's gown why do you mind they turn you loose from the hospital well I wasn't locked in hospitals not Aegean I was released last last week couldn't do nothing more for you I guess who is this woman you mean who was this lady this lady is my wife Moodle mrs. Jim Stewart thorat yeah why'd y'all come back here one or two reason the whole parish beginning to flood oh that's right by this time tomorrow both floors of this house gonna be full of flood water the river gauge is 32 foot of water at Fry's point yeah Bob may be able to turn right around drive back New Orleans know that he was gay like that you so scared of blood chicken why don't you leave hmm you his nurse why no I'm mrs."

    • The script is a dialogue from the movie "Last of the Mobile Hot Shots" (1970), featuring Robert Hooks and discussing family relationships and property disputes.

    [Music] "Yeah I could do that. How long have you been James I'm nobo..."

    • The dialogue reveals tension and conflict among the characters, touching upon themes of identity and personal history.

    [Music] " goes to her not you yeah but according to our agreement it goes to me and I got that piece of paper right here in my wallet signed by the both of us witnessed and notarized only if I'd died without issue well you gonna die without issue..."

    • The conversation delves into the characters' conflicting claims over property ownership, introducing the element of inheritance and legal documents.


    • Family relationships
    • Property disputes
    • Identity
    • Inheritance
    • Legal documents
    • Conflict
    • Tension


    1. What is the central theme of the dialogue in this preview clip?
    • The central theme revolves around family relationships, property disputes, and personal identity, leading to conflict and tension among the characters.
    1. Who are the main characters involved in the dialogue from the movie "Last of the Mobile Hot Shots"?
    • The dialogue features characters portrayed by Robert Hooks, discussing past history, inheritance, and legal agreements within a family setting.
    1. How does the dialogue in the script showcase the complexity of human relationships and individual motivations?
    • Through conversations about property ownership, family ties, and personal histories, the characters reveal their conflicting desires and intentions, highlighting the intricate dynamics of human interactions and the pursuit of interests.

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