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    Today, we are going to explore a variety of life hacks seen on Tik Tok and determine if they are truly effective or just myths. The video showcases the testing of different hacks such as adding salt to a bottle to make it easier to land, drawing on a plate to make figures come to life, using glue and glitter to create a shiny effect, using tape and a blue pencil to create an ultraviolet filter, generating electricity from apples and coins, and finally, burning an egg until it turns black. Let's dive into the experimentation process to see if these hacks actually work as claimed.


    Tik Tok, life hacks, testing, experiments, myths, reality, salt bottle, dancing plate, glue and glitter, ultraviolet filter, apple electricity, burning egg


    1. Do all the life hacks tested in the video actually work?
    2. Will adding salt to a bottle make it easier to land?
    3. Can drawing on a plate make figures come to life?
    4. Is it possible to create a shiny effect using glue and glitter?
    5. Do apples and coins generate electricity to charge a phone effectively?
    6. What happens when you burn an egg until it turns black?

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