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    Okay, that looks like an abomination; holy crap, that looks like Michael Jackson; looks like someone smeared period blood all over his face, look at that juicy; okay, TikTok let's see what you got. The script narrates a humorous take on various TikTok art tutorials, showcasing the artist's critique and attempts at following the tutorials. From creating juicy lips to experimenting with color theory and shading techniques, the narrator provides witty commentary and tries out different tips and tricks shared in the tutorials. The humorous tone, self-deprecating humor, and trial-and-error attempts make for an entertaining read.


    • TikTok art tutorials
    • Juicy lips tutorial
    • Color theory
    • Art challenges
    • Shading techniques
    • Clip Studio Asset Store
    • Skin shading techniques
    • Tutorial critique
    • Artistic experimentation


    • Can TikTok art tutorials be effective for improving art skills?
    • How can artists use humor and experimentation to enhance their art practice?
    • What are some common challenges artists face when following online tutorials?
    • How can artists navigate different art styles and techniques showcased in tutorials?
    • Is it important to maintain a sense of humor and playfulness in art creation?

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